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What We Do

Initiatives & Campaigns

Mobilize Recovery

Our Mobilize Recovery project was spearheaded in 2018 by the Facebook Community Leadership Program and will build capacity for organized civic advocacy around the country. We will identify, train, connect, and work with recovery advocates in all 50 states. Each of these selected community organizers will have lived experience with substance use disorders. By sharing resources, coordinating our agenda, and taking action as a powerful, confident constituency, we will create change that affects millions of people in a positive way.

Recovery Voices Vote

There are over 23 million Americans living in long-term recovery. And another 21 million Americans still struggling. 1 in 3 households are directly impacted by addiction. Yet, our voices are often silenced and ignored. That changes now.

When We All Vote has partnered with The Voices Project to register new recovery oriented voters by the 2020 election. Together, we can show our country that our voices matter and that we will mobilize.

People in recovery, their families, and allies of the recovery community will no longer be silent.